The Place

“Connersville is beautifully situated on the west bank of the West Fork of the Whitewater River, occupying a natural terrace to the streams and river bottoms. Its western and southwestern limits are fringed by a range of hills, towering, perhaps, 100 feet above the valley, and whose summits are crowned here and there with antique and more modern suburban homes, from which is presented a most pleasing view of the city and surrounding country.”

Located in rural southeastern Indiana between Cincinnati, Ohio and Indianapolis, Indiana, the city of Connersville rests in a valley between two small hills to the east and west. Home to around 13,500 people, Connersville remains an industrial blip on an almost entirely rural landscape.

Click here to view a map of Connersville today that highlights the local schools, industry, and downtown!

The streets are laid out in a grid pattern that curves and adjusts to the bends in the Whitewater River that divides the city into “East” and “West” Connersville.

Approaching the city on Route 44 from either direction provides visitors with a panoramic view of the industrial city – the factory buildings, church steeples, and sprawling residential areas. Driving on Highway 1 to the north and south is a flatter path to go to and from the city, but regardless of which way you go, you will quickly be out of town and back in the farmland that dominates all of Fayette County outside of Connersville.

Both thoroughfares take drivers through downtown – now more rundown than in its heyday but still an active part of town with banks, government buildings, and historic sites located throughout. Most commercial businesses are located on Highway 1 that runs along the east side of “West” Connersville, including an AMC movie theater, Kunkel’s, Kroger, McDonald’s, and Wal-Mart, and that runs into Roberts Park – home of the Fayette County Fair every August.

In the rectangle formed by the state roads that run through the city is the residential part of Connersville, home to a number of the local schools, the hospital, multiple churches, and the heart of industry in Connersville.