Oral History Interview Questions

Below are the questions that provided the baseline for each interview. As each interview progressed, others were discussed as well, but here are the original questions my interviewees were asked.

I. Childhood

Describe Connersville when you were young.

What are some of your earliest memories of Connersville?

What was it like growing up in Connersville?

Tell me about your family — your parents and siblings.

II. Education

What kind of classes did you take in school? What was school like in Connersville?

What are some of your memories of the “old” high school?

How did you feel or what did you think about the “new” high school?

Tell me about your experience at the technical school.

What contributed to your educational choices?

What did you do after you graduated?

III. Adult Life/Work

Tell me about your first job in Connersville. What was it like working at (insert company name)?

How have you seen your business change over the years?

How has your customer-base changed?

How have you been involved in Connersville’s community throughout your time here?

Can you describe what Connersville was like during (insert period here, ex: World War II, Depression, 1960s, etc)?

IV. Final Thoughts

How have you seen Connersville change over time?

These were many of the initial questions each interviewee was asked. Conversation proceeded from there and new questions were asked based on their responses.