The People

Pamela Taylor: Interviewed March 25, 2015

Pam, a long time community member of Connersville, attended the old and new high schools. She was one of the first graduates from the vocational school in 1970 before working at H&H Robertson, Roots, and a few other businesses in Connersville over the years. I interviewed Pam for her long-standing insight into the community as a whole, but also her exposure to both the old and new schools in 1970 and her training at the vocational school. For the full interview, see Pam Taylor Oral History Transcript.

Charles Hughes: Interviewed March 27, 2015

Charlie Hughes leads the Pledge of Allegiance at Connersville’s Flag Day Ceremony, 2015.

Charlie has lived in Connersville since 1923, besides leaving for a year of college at Penn State and a few years during the service in World War II and Korea. I interviewed Charlie because he is considered to be one of the most knowledgeable members of the community on its history, as well as a worker at Stant Manufacturing. Charlie is also very involved in organizations in the community and has been for many years of his life. For the full interview, see Charles Hughes Oral History Transcript.

Martha Firsich: Interviewed April 2, 2015

Like Charlie, Martha is a long-standing member of the community, having moved to Connersville when she was in second grade. She and her husband raised their family in Connersville, she was a part of the community during the 1950s and 1960s, and her ancestors have a long history in the city as they opened Ainsley’s Glassworks there in the late 19th century. I chose to interview Martha because of her long history with Connersville but also because of my personal connection to her through my grandmother, Dorothy Spaulding. For the full interview, see Martha Firsich Oral History Transcript.

Jim and Jeff  Riedman: Interviewed May 11, 2015

(left to right) Jeff and Jim Riedman receive an award for 80 years of service to Chrysler and Dodge.

Jim Riedman is a second generation owner of Riedman Motors in Connersville. He took over the business from his father, Joe, and it has been a part of the community for 89 years. The Riedmans provide the viewpoint business owners that have a long tradition in Connersville and have seen the changes in the community over time.

John and Don Brown: Interviewed March 7, 2016

John Brown, a 1959 graduate of Alquina High School, and his son Donald Brown, 1981 graduate of the vocational program and Connersville High School, are 3rd and 4th generation family employees at Howden Roots. Over their combined 56 years at Roots, they have seen the company go from a family atmosphere to being bought out by multiple corporations, losing their sense of community, and now back to how things used to be.

Craig Howell: Interviewed March 8, 2016

Craig Howell is the only interviewee not to be born in Connersville or to have attended Connersville High School. Craig came to work for Roots in Connersville in 1981 and has remained every since. An involved member of the community, Craig is currently the chairman of the Board of Economic Development, as well as serving on a number of Christian organizations to help rebuild the community in Connersville.